Welcome to Something Nice Foods, specialising in high quality, healthy minced based products, including: gourmet sausages, burger patties, meatballs, mince and diced meats. We have the capability to customise our products for your requirements and specifications. We can also assist in product and recipe development and cost analysis for mass distribution. Our service and turnaround time on orders is without peer and we are flexible to our customers needs.

We service:

Something Nice Foods has the capability to serve large scale mass production companies or smaller boutique companies who have specific requirements. Some of the business sectors we serve include;

  • 2 multinational convenience food
    companies (5-7 tonne in product weekly
  • Multinational food service company (6+
    tonne worth of product weekly)
  • Niche pre prepared meal health food
    companies (50-150kg of product weekly)
  • Large meat wholesalers
  • Supermarkets
  • Cruise ships
  • Airline caterers
  • Casinos
  • Hotel chains
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Mines

Something Nice Foods has on staff Frances Abdallaoui, Food Director of The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine as a consultant in recipe & product development and will host our blog page to answer any cooking questions you may have.

We look forward to serving you soon!


Something Nice Foods is proud to create sausages, beef patties and meat products of the very highest quality. We strictly adhere to all food safety practices and regulations. We welcome you to view our accreditations by downloading the relevant pdfs below or you can contact our friendly team with any questions or concerns you may have.

NSW Food Authority

Relates to the provisions of the Food Act 2003, the Food Regulation 2010 and the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code in relation to the transport of meat products.

Halal Certificate

Certifies that Something Nice Foods can ‘produce and manufacture all Food Product (Except Pork Sausage & Pork Mince made in different factory) under it’s label in accordance with islamic Guidelines and under the supervision of Direct lslamic Welfare Services (DIWS). The Products contain Halal ingredients and comply with Shariah Law, and therefore are lawful for Muslim consumption.

AUS-QUAL Certificate of Approval

Relates to the receival of fresh and frozen meat, dry goods, herbs, spices and ingredients. The preparation, manufacture, bulk packaged storage and distribution of fresh sausages and frozen burger pates.


At Something Nice we pride ourselves on creating the highest quality meat products for our customers. We welcome you to browse our product range and contact us to arrange an order or to organize a custom order.Our prices are based on thick sausages in a natural casing, and thin and chipolata in a collagen casing. We invite you to browse our range of Something Nice products, read our accreditation and contact us to find out more. 


- Premium Thick/Thin BBQ Sausages
- Premium Chipolata
- Herb & Garlic
- Lamb, Rosemary & Mine
- Sundried Tomato & Basil

Available in Thick/Thin & Chipolata

- Chicken Breast & Sweet Chilli
- Chicken Breast, Basil & Mozzarella
- Pork, Smoky Bacon & Maple Syrup
- Pork, Pineapple & Capsicum
- Moroccan Lamb

Our gourmet sausages require 48hrs notice and a minimum order of 15kgs.

- Rindless Bacon
- Scotch Fillet - Grain Fed Yearling Grade
- Thick/Thin Pork Sausages
- Chipolata
- Thick/Thin Bratwurst
- 150g Gourmet Beef Patties - 28 per carton, frozen product
- Beef Carvery - Yearling Grade Blade - approx. 12kg carton, 2-3 units per carton
- Lamb Carvery - Boneless Leg of Lamb - approx. 10kg carton, 4-5 units per carton
- Pork Carvery - Boneless Pork Leg - approx. 10kg carton, 2-3 units per carton
- Mashed Potato
- Sweet Potato Mash
Download Product List
- Thick/Thin Blanched Sausages
- Thick/Thin Chicken Sausages
- Chipolata
- Sausage Mince
- 90cl Lean Mince
- 75cl Lean Mince
- Diced Beef - Grain Fed Yearling Grade
- Beef Stroganoff - Grain Fed Yearling Grade
- Diced Lamb
- 90cl Lamb Mince
- Chicken Breast, frozen
- Diced Chicken Breast
- Chicken Breast Mince
- Diced Thigh Fillet
- Diced Maryland Fillet
- Diced Pork
- Lean Pork Mince
- Wagyu Mince
- Lamb Kofta Mince

*Blanching any non blanched sausages is 90c per kilo extra
** vacuum packing or gas flushing of products will be 90c per kg
***Any extra herbs & spices requested will be $1.00kg (Sage & Tarragon not included)



Monday – Friday 4am – 11am

Phone02 9584 2866

Email orders@somethingnice.com.au